White Knight Records is a collaboration between Rob Reed (Magenta/Tigermoth Records) and Will Mackie (Hoggwash/Caerllysi Music). The two friends have a long-standing mutual interest in the promotion and popularity of progressive/art rock and both have championed this via their independent labels, which centre around their own projects and artists. White Knight Records is taking this one step further by taking on board the experiences gained to date and using it in the direction of other artists both unknown or otherwise.

Fredde Gredde : Thirteen Eight


Hailing from Gävle, Sweden, FreddeGredde.

The young artist initially rose to prominence in the early days of viral video revolution where his great musicianship gained attention on you tube and generated millions of views on some of his most popular videos. Larsson’s YouTube channel quickly became the number one subscribed channel in Sweden.

It took almost two years for Larsson to execute his lifelong dream of recording and releasing his debut album, but it’s clear that the time was well spent since “Thirteen Eight” is one of those rare debuts that only comes once or twice every decade. Not only has the artist managed to make a clear statement of intent but there is also a clear tendency towards fusing the worlds of rock and pop music. The material shows a versatile approach which, in return, has potential of appealing just as much to fans of rock music as to the a casual listener.

Mixing influences from Dream Theater, Frost* and Porcupine Tree with the more commercial bands as Muse, Jellyfish and Queen. This album really is progressive and accessible.

“Bloody hell!!! How good is Fredde Gredde??!!! Totally bloody amazing! What a voice.” JEM GODFREY : FROST*


AltaVia : Girt Dog

AltaVia formed in 2008 in a small town in northern Italy, when after leaving his former band, Andrea Stagni (keyboards and vocals) started searching for new musicians. A friend introduced him to Marcello Bellina (drums, vocals), Mauro Monti (guitars, vocals) and Giuliano Vandelli (bass), who coincidentally were looking for a keyboard player for a new project. That just seemed to be a perfect match for everyone. After the first rehearsals session, they realized that even though they all came from different musical backgrounds, they were all eager to head in the same new direction. Backing vocalist Betty Copeta joined the band several months later.

Everyone's peculiar expertise was brought to the table, making AltaVia's sound a curious mixture of classic rock, old-style prog and pop. Their main influences can be found both in the classic and neo prog scene, (Yes and Genesis, but also bands like IQ and It Bites) whilst also capturing rich orchestral atmospheres and catchy melodies.





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