Kompendium : Beneath The Waves (Sing.CD Digi-Pack)

Single CD Digi Pack Edition

Classic Rock Society : Best Album 2012

Steve Hackett  Gavin Harrison  Francis Dunnery  Neil Taylor   Nick Beggs  B.J.Cole  Mel Collins  Jakko Jakszyk

Troy Donockley  Steve Balsamo  Angharad Brinn  Nick Barrett  John Mitchell  Synergy Vocals  Shan Cothi

Rhys Meirion  Barry Kerr  Chris Fry  Hywel Maggs  Christina Booth  

The London Session Orchestra arranged by Dave Stewart

The English Chamber Choionducted by Guy Protheroe

OMA arranged by Tim Rhys-Evans

Written and Produced by Rob Reed


Kompendium : Elements CD ( 2 Disc Ltd.Edition)

2 Disc Limited Edition

Over 2 hours of music including unreleased tracks, original demos,alternate

versions and a complete instrumental mix of the original album


OFFER Kompendium : Elements CD + Beneath The Waves 

Elemnts 2CD + Beneath The Waves  Single CD Digi Pack


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